Friday, February 4, 2011

Official Websites for the EOGD

The official websites representing our Order are:

The websites: and are under the control of Robert Zink and do not represent our Order any longer.

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  1. Now the key to the unlocking of the mystery of revolutions, human upheavals, is to be discovered in this word “guidance”. If the guide points out the way, leaving it to the free will of the individual to travel along it, then he is a true light unto the guided. But if instead he blindfolds the individual and then forces him in a certain direction, in place of a guide he becomes a tyrant; for in actual fact he will plunge the guided into darkness, a darkness which - though it may take upon itself the appearance of light - is nothing more than a delusion, a dream, and a nightmare. For the individual to will that light shall be is something quite different from being hypnotized into believing that light is and already exists. Belief is of the dust of the earth, it is the static shadow of divine power; will is of the breath of life, it is the dynamic force of that same essence. Thus it happens that true faith is belief crucified on the cross of will, a transmutation of the material into the spiritual. For an individual to accomplish an act of will is to attain to the supreme eucharist; but for an individual to obliterate the wills of others by forcing his will, however spiritualized it may be, on to others is to take part in a black mass. That is to obliterate light, and the higher the spirituality the deeper the darkness resulting. J.F.C. Fuller